Bridget Coaker is passionate about photography and food. She burns the candle at both ends, finding time to be night picture editor on the Guardian and Observer newspapers and managing the photographic agency Troika Photos.

Bridget CoakerShe curated the Hereford 2008 Photography Festival, which brought together her interests in photojournalism and art photography. She was also invited to be a floating reviewer at Rhubarb Rhubarb. In 2010 Bridget will be a reviewer at FORMAT as well as giving one of the talks in the Professional Practice series.

As if that wasn’t enough, Bridget set up the online gallery space Troika Editions with her fellow Troika member, Michael Walter. The idea is to make editioned Fine Art photography easily and simply available with all the convenience of the web. Sign up here for updates!

And of course her recent lemon ice cream is something to die for…

One Response to “About Bridget”

  1. Penny Rose Says:

    Hello Bridget
    Great work. I love the article about the Gay Icons… what going on in the world. Some people have lost their back bone maybe. Strange world.

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