In Search of the Unfathomable

14 October, 2009

I recently contributed an article about the photographer Anna Linderstam to 1000 Words Magazine. Anna is a young Swedish photographer fascinated by the moments of transformation that people pass through when under stress.

1000 Words

To read the article go to 1000 Words autumn/fall 2009 #06 issue (current at time of writing) and follow the links to Anna Linderstam.

3 Responses to “In Search of the Unfathomable”

  1. Simon Clarke Says:

    As the hypnotherapist who worked with
    Anna Linderstam –I enjoyed your article–
    but wish point out that your comment that
    ‘the sitters could be MANIPULATED (my capitals) into a
    physical response by the power of suggestion.’
    —is not what is going on. You cannot force
    anyone in hypnosis to act against their will-
    Hence the sitters responded voluntarily-
    to the suggestions–(without manipulation.)
    Simon Clarke

    • Thank you much for your kind words about my article on Anna. I fear that my use of the English language is not as clear as I would want. I do understand the distinction you have made now that I have heard it. What I was trying to discuss was how Anna in all her work, asks her sitters to respond to stimulus but in a way that is emotionally rather than actually manipulative.


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